The 9:20 Special A promo piece on one of the longest-running swing dance/Lindy Hop venues in San Francisco, the 9:20 Special.

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What I’ve been Up to…

Wow, a blink of an eye and it's already May 2010. Seemed like it was just yesterday that I "finished" my NaNoWriMo novel -- of course, I only got to the 50K mark. It doesn't mean it's anywhere near complete. Since then, I've been shooting some weddings -- check the SweetSmile blog And been trying [...]

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NaNoWriMo: I Did It! 50K+ Words in a Month!

Okay, so you may have been following me (@DWongster) on Twitter and seen my updates about my progress on National Novel Writing Month, or maybe you read my earlier posts, but here I am, at the other end of November, and I can say proudly that yes, I wrote my 50,000 word "novel".  I did [...]

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NaNoWriMo: Halfway There

Day 16: 15 Days of Writing Discipline, 15 More to Go So today marks the beginning of the second half of my NaNoWriMo journey. I really never expected to make it this far. My experience thus far is that my writing is a series of stops and gos, spurts of inspiration followed by long pauses [...]

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Write a Novel this November

One Day... "One day I'm going to write a novel." Have you ever said anything like that? What are the normal excuses? Mine were always: I don't have the time I need to work on an idea first I'll talk plot with one of my buddies first I need to do some more research etc., [...]

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Witricity on TEDTalk

Now here's a cool technology demo'ed at TED. It's based on the idea that electricity can be converted to a magnetic field that vibrates at a certain frequency. Anything that contains a corresponding electronics can be brought into that field, which causes that objects circuitry to also resonate with a matching magnetic field, which is [...]

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Fake or Real?

See these images above? Today's digital technology is so good that sometimes it's hard to tell whether an image is real or computer-generated (CG). Of course, we've been exposed to CG imagery in movies (and recently TV) for years now, and oftentimes for me, I can instinctively know something is not "right" about an image [...]

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Website Revamp: Down Home Blues Festival

I'm pleased to announce a recent revamp of Down Home Blues Festival is an annual workshop dedicated to blues dancing, and is sponsored by the Northern California Lindy Society. Here's the final look: Here's the before image: The Initial Problem Two things jumped out at me with the old site: It took up a [...]

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Shai Agassi’s plan for electric cars

When a TED Talk results in a standing ovation, you know it's just resonated with the audience in a big way. Shai Agassi's idea resonates with me. I think he had me when he pointed out how American car companies (car 1.0) have always insulated themselves as an industry from what's happening on the entire [...]

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My Top iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

A Kazillion Apps! Well, not quite. At last count, there were some 30,000+ apps in Apple's App Store. It's getting to the point where there are almost too many choices -- I mean, how many of you have bought an app that's now relegated to the last page, or even *GASP* removed? *RAISES HAND* Well, [...]

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